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Get The Top 5 In Demand Writing Skills PLUS... A Simple 5-Step Client Attraction Systems... All-In-One Powerful Two Day Workshop

From: Joshua T. Boswell

Where: Houston, Texas


Hello Friend! 


Hey, do you like groveling for clients and constantly wondering if your writing skills are good enough to make great money? 


Let’s end that once and for all! 


You are invited to join me for two days so I can do a massive brain dump, from my head to your, and give you… 


The top five in-demand writing skills… 




My proven 5-step system for consistently attracting the best, top-paying copywriting clients out there. 


The real secret to success as a copywriter is to have the best writing secrets combined with the powerful, magnetic marketing secrets. 


And, since this is a virtual event, you can join me right from your own home!

Can You Relate To Steve?

I think we've all been in this position...

Have you ever faced challenges like my student, Steve? 


One day Steve walked into his house with a stack of mail in his hands. 


He slammed the stack down on the table. 


“Kelly! This has to end. I’m sick of living this way.” 


Kelly looked up in surprise. 


“What’s going on, Steve. What has made you all upset?” 


“Just look at these numbers. All these bills. And here’s my paystub from today. Yes, I know that we have enough to cover all of this, plus a bit for savings, but that’s it. What about our dreams? We are nowhere closer to traveling or being our own boss than we were 15 years ago. Something has got to change.” 


That night, Steve “happened” to discover copywriting. 


I say “happened” because I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that there is an invisible, benevolent hand guiding our lives… especially if we let it. 


No accidents, right? 


“I really think this could be my ticket out of my job and into my dream lifestyle,” Steve said to himself. 


So he jumped in. 


Downloaded the free report, bought a course, eventually got certified. The whole deal. He did it all.


And then… 




No clients. 


No money. 


No further along than he was before. 


Except now he was more frustrated than ever. He had a skill, but no money.


The ideas for marketing himself were all over the board. 


Social media. Direct mail. Cold calling. SEO and blogging. Website. Affiliates. ETC…. on and on and on it went. 


Steve, like you, eventually found Copywriter Marketer. 


When I spoke with Steve he said to me, “FINALLY there is someone who cuts through all the fluff and the ‘coulds’ and will give me a simple, step-by-step plan.” 


I knew how Steve felt.


When I got started, I felt like there were a million things I could do to land clients… but I had no idea what I should do… especially what I, Joshua Boswell, personally should do. 


I needed a mentor, a guide, someone to help me out. 


It took me over 15 years and over $300,000 in coaches and courses and programs to come up with the strategies I will give you during this two day LIVE online workshop. 


I’m giving all of this to you because you shouldn’t have to go through so many years of struggle like I did, right? 


In a minute, I’ll tell you exactly what we are doing during this 2-day live workshop, but first, listen to what some of my students have to say about my events and course and the results they get…

So, YES! This system works


The Persuade! Event is unlike other events…. And I’ve been to hundreds of seminars. 


First of all, you will get two full weeks of training and coaching BEFORE the event even starts! And lifetime access to the special training if you can't make it. 


Secondly, this is a workshop where you’ll actually be accomplishing essential actions that will move your freelance copywriting business forward.


Not just ideas. 


Not just training. 


Not just strategies. 


Accomplishments, plus a solid, clear framework for moving forward. 


Let me give you the full details on the event… 


When you register today with the at this special discount, you get… ​

Two Day Digital Admission

A $497 Value!

Persuade! Is my flagship live event. Because of the pandemic, we are doing the event all digitally this year. 


BUT, you won’t miss out on a thing! 


Be aware… like I said, this is much more of a hands-on, get stuff done workshop than just a webinar.


You write copy. 


You participate in small break-out groups run by a seasoned copywriter hand-picked by me. 


You make plans and put specific writing and marketing activities on your calendar. 


You create content. 


And so much more! 


You produce, move forward and achieve…  not just learn. (and, yes! we will learn a ton together!!) ​

Day One...

Writing Skills!

We focus on the five key writing skills that make you profitable and incredibly persuasive. These are the key skills that businesses need and are willing to pay top dollar for.

  • The Secrets of Opportunity Awareness - If you can only capitalize on the opportunities that you see. This is the #1 writing skills of over 50 A-level writer’s I’ve personally interviewed.

  • How to Grab and Hold ANYONE'S Attention - The secret three-letter formula for never being ignored in letter, in the in-box, in person. Key to all writing success. 

  • The Secret Arts of Persuasive Storytelling - Nothing is more powerful than a persuasive story. Discover the simple 7-part formula I use for compelling, persuasive stories.

  • The 3-Part Formula for Creating Compelling Offer Stacks - 90% of all sales and persuasion are LOST in the offer. Discover my magic formula for making compelling, irresistible offers.

  • How to 10x Your Close Rate - Unlock my secret 5 step process for averaging 80% close rate from stage and over 30% in sales letters to warm audiences and over 7% to cold traffic… all well above industry standards.

When you master these five writing skills, you’ll have the power to command top fees and attract the best clients.

Day Two...

Landing Clients!

Then, on Day Two we will do a deep dive into marketing systems that draw in top clients.


Together, we will create a 5-step roadmap… and then you will actually start building out that roadmap. 


Of course, every step of the way, you will have my help and the help of my hand-picked mentors.


Here are the 5 Marketing Steps we will focus on… 

  • The Secrets of Opportunity Awareness - Part Two! - There is a deeper view of seeing opportunities that usually only multi-millionaires see… but I’ll reveal it here.  

  • The Magic of Creating Magnetic Marketing Materials - Did you know that every word you write is an advocate… or an adversary for you? I’ll show you how to always advocate and draw in the top clients. 

  • How to Build an Authoritative Online Presence - When clients believe you hold the key to their kingdom, they will seek you out. It all begins with a compelling online presence. I give you my secret 5 part formula for presenting yourself online as an expert writer. 

  • The Secrets to 3 High Leverage Daily Routines - Success is hammered out on the anvil of simple daily routines. My wealthiest students do 3 things everyday… I’ll show you how.

  • The Lost Art of Closing and Up-Selling Top Clients - Most copywriters - even great ones - are terrible at closing deals and up-selling clients. Why? Because it is a person-to-person game, not a writing game. I’ll give you a powerful, simple process for winning. I have never lost a deal when negotiating in person. Now you’ll have my secrets :) 

The total overall focus of this event is to make you more persuasive!


More persuasive in closing deals with clients… and more persuasive in your copywriting so that you can deliver top results for your clients


We use a private Facebook Group and Zoom as the meeting platform. (You’ll get full instructions when you register!)


You’ll be able to interact with other attendees, ask questions, participate and share your content. 


We start each day at 9am Central and end at 4pm, with an hour lunch break.

General Admission + FREE Bonuses!

Your Chance to Register Expires April 28th @ Midnight...

Here's what you'll get when you sign up today...​

A $97 Value...

Workbooks & Materials

You will receive a carefully crafted Workbook and other event materials. 


Fill in the blank templates. 


Writing prompts to help you complete assignments quickly during the event. 


(I LOVE timers. You will do a lot of hands-on stuff with the clock ticking. It is wonderfully challenging and productive. You’ll love it!) 


Additional content and descriptions that are needed but that I won’t cover in the actual training… hey, you know how to read, right? LOL 


And bonus materials… stuff that I know is extremely valuable, but that you might not need at this stage of the game… but you will in the future, so I’m slipping it into your event materials. 


Before the event, I’ll give you access to all of these files so you’ll have them ready for the big day. 

FREE Bonus - $197 Value!

Two Pre-Show Trainings

On Tuesday April 20 and then again on Tuesday, April 27 we will do a one hour live Pre-Show training. 


Both of these live events will get you ready to hit the ground running.


You’ll get homework assignments, exclusive training, meet your fellow attendees and your group mentor, and be inspired to make the most of this special event.


Can't attend the pre-event sessions live? No worries! I’ve got your back :) You get lifetime access to the recordings. 

FREE Bonus - $197 Value!

Lifetime Replay Access

The entire event will be recorded. 


You get instant access to the streaming version… AND lifetime access to the HD recorded version that will be posted 7-10 days after the event. 


Plus, lifetime access to all the resources, tools, and templates that go along with Persuade!

FREE Bonus - $250 Value!

Instant $250 Discount Off General Admission!

All together, the Persuade Event Package is Valued at $938! 


Your discount and special bonuses expire at midnight on April 28th.


Register today! 

This Is How It Works...

  • Step 1: Register Your Seat

    The first step is to put in your name, email and billing information to reserve your virtual seat to "Persuade Event Live 2021"!

  • Step 2: Attend the Event

    Next, you (and your entire family!) attend the two-day virtual event and create your PERSONAL ROADMAP to the launch (or scale) your freelance copywriting business.


    You'll also get a sneak peek inside the latest writing skills and client-attraction strategies the top 1% of my students are using right now to land clients! 

  • Step 3: Decide If It Was Worth It!

    At the end of the two-day LIVE event, if you don't feel transformed and armed with IMPLEMENTABLE knowledge that can push your business forward, then email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the conference), before May 2, 2021 @ midnight and you won't have to pay a penny!

If You Love It - Then Do NOTHING!

But if you're like most people, you will love this event! If so, then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the ticket price AFTER the conference is over on May 3, 2021. 


Does that sound MORE than fair!?! Awesome, then register TODAY! 

You Have Two Choices...

Do or do not... 

Right now, you have two choices… 


You can do nothing and not attend Persuade! 


You risk nothing… but you also don’t get the extra tools, coaching, and support this powerful 2-day event provides.




You can register right now, get all the bonuses and the discounts and set yourself up to land clients and enjoy your dream lifestyle faster than you ever thought possible. 


You can get registered right now… 


Click below and let’s you started.


Training starts immediately so you’re ready for the first pre-show call on April 20th. 


I can’t wait to see you on these calls and at the Persuade! Event! 


To Your Best Life, 




Registration Closes In...


April 29 - 30, 2021

What is your refund policy?

If you don't LOVE the event, and have chosen the second payment option...send us an email at our private email address (revealed the last day of the event) and you won't have to pay us a penny! 


Because this is a virtual event, tickets are non-refundable regardless of circumstance.

Can I give my ticket away? 

Is this a live event? 

How is this different from other events? 

Will this help me land clients & make money? 

Is there a payment plan? 

What will you cover during the two days? 

Are there replays?

Where / when will you go live? 

Tuned In As Joshua Reveals Ground-Breaking Writing Skills AND Client-Attraction Strategies In This Exclusive, Two-Day Event.