“One Thing Changed” Virtual Summit | December 29 - 30, 2020

In 2020, Life Changed. And It’s Not Going Back to Normal.  We Need New Tools, New Strategies, New Systems to Win. 

Speakers Include: ​World Class Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders…

December 29 - 30, 2020 | 9:00am - 4:00pm Central

“One Thing Changed” Summit

What If You Could Change ONE THING… & Transform Your LifeYour Business in 2021? 

What Would That ONE THING Be? How Would You Implement It In Record Time?

Sit In With Joshua Boswell & Some Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders Of Our Time As We Answer These Questions For You - FREE. 

Hello Friend, 


Like me, you’ve had moments in your life where ONE THING Changed and it transformed your life forever. 


When I met...and then married Margie. 


When our first child, Esther, was born. 


The day my business collapsed and put me $200,000 in debt. 


The day I discovered copywriting and finally found a way to fuel my dreams. 


Little moments that created a transformational effect in my life. 


In each of these cases, I was in a place in life where I was ready for change. 


Kind of like most of the world is right now, right? 


2020 has been very hard. 


It has created a new reality that is not great for many people. 


And, it is not going back to what it was. Ever. 


Not exactly, at least. 


That means you and I have to face a new future.


That future will be hard and sad and frustrating… or it will be more wonderful and exciting and full of riches than we ever imagined. 


I believe that just inside of 2021, there is a pivotal moment waiting for you. 


I believe that you can change one thing and lay the foundation to totally transform your life and your business. 


But what is that ONE THING? How will you implement it? 


I gather up some of the most successful entrepreneurs and influencers of our time and asked them this one question:


What is the ONE THING you will change to transform your life & business in 2021? 

Specifically How Will You Do It?

I jumped on a call with each of them to talk - in depth - about their answers to these questions. 


The answers are some of the most actionable, powerful marketing playbooks, business growth secrets, and personal development strategies anywhere. 


Plus, they are focused on what is working right now… in this new world of ours… and what will work in 2021 to transform your business and your life. 

Meet Your Host For The Summit

Joshua Boswell

Companies like Sony, Google, St. Jude’s, GM, Verizon, Agora, Lifebook, and dozens of others have collectively sold hundreds of millions using Joshua’s copy and marketing strategies. 


He has built half a dozen successful businesses (and lost a few - you learn a lot in the failures!). 


Joshua and Margie Boswell have been married for over 25 years and still have a fun, passionate marriage. They are the parents of 11 children, claim one amazing daughter-in-law, and are looking forward to being the world’s busiest and most blessed grandparents. 

December 29 - 30, 2020 | 9:00am - 4:00pm Central
The "One Thing Changed" Summit

During this Summit, you’ll discover clear, focused ways to transform your life and business in 2021 from some of the top leaders in the world, including… 

Business and Money 

  • How to create products and services that sell fast in the new economy

  • Marketing secrets that make your social media content insanely persuasive 

  • Online sales funnel models and simple ways to implement them

  • Secrets for structuring your business and managing your money to protect your family and assets

  • Inside a product launch system that converts at 378% ROI in less than 24 hours

  • Automated mail marketing secrets that bring triple digit returns on a daily basis

  • A high-leverage omni-present strategy for being everywhere on social media, without spending all your time

Physical and Mental Health 

  • Bio hacks for looking younger, feeling more energetic, and staying intensely focused all day

  • Small changes in your diet that will boost your energy

  • Foods and supplements that raise endorphins and increase joy

  • An easy fitness routine and strategy that bring incredible results in very little time

  • A daily routines that creates vibrant mental health and awareness

  • A simple secret to declutter, detox and dominate your head space so you can win at much higher levels


  • The one thing you can do to make peace with yourself and others in your life

  • How to stop worrying and start living with more joy

  • A single thought that transform your partnership/marriage

  • A networking secret that help you connect and build rapport with powerful and influential people, no matter your current situation

  • The best and fastest way to dismantle contention and conflict

  • A persuasion secret that will help you get others to comply with you… even when they totally disagree with your approach

And so much more! 


Two days packed full of simple, focused, actionable things that you can change in your life to create a massive transformation in your life and business for 2021. 

World-Class Mentors & Examples

I have carefully hand-selected each speaker to bring the best. 


I love these people because they have all come from nothing and create massive businesses, amazing lifestyles, and incredible relationships. 


Not only that, but all of them have very successfully navigated the rough waters of 2020 and came out as successful leaders in their worlds. 


These are the kinds of people that have the gift of “seeing beyond corners”. I wanted to know what they see coming in 2021 and what specifically has to happen to transform your life 

Jon & Missy Butcher Lifebook

CEO of Precious Moments, founder of Lifebook and one of the most successful marriages I know. Both are full of love and make you feel unique and powerful. 

Mark Ford | Agora

Co-founder of The Agora, a billion dollar publishing company, plus dozens of other multi-million dollar businesses. I know of no other person that has his unique Midas Touch gift. Mark is kind, generous and insanely persuasive. 

Perry Marshall | Google Ads

#1 Adwords genius on the planet, the foremost expert on 80/20 thinking and business strategies and founder of several multi-million dollar ventures. Perry is an amazing father, inventor, and philanthropist. 

Tatiana Arias | Million Dollar Launches

The ONLY woman in Central America to do not one but TWO million-dollar product launches all in Spanish. Tati has forgotten more about online marketing than most people will ever learn. She is fun, loving, and full of life.  

Kevin Thompson | Business Relationships

The world’s #1 master at business relationships. He has a massive contact list of world leaders, thought leaders, and business tycoons that gladly take his phone call. A devoted dad and father, Kevin knows the sweet value of life.

Eric Partaker | CEO of the Year

After nearly dying of a heart attack 35,000 feet above France, at 35 yrs old, Eric discovered the secret to becoming world-class in your relationships, your business and health. His simple 5-step process instantly reduces overwhelm and brings greater wealth. Named CEO of the Year, Eric now shows entrepreneurs how to unlock their full potential.

Bob Bly | America's Top Copywriter

Known as America’s Top Copywriter, Bob has published over 107 books and is widely known as one of the most persuasive writers of our time. Bob is humble, gracious and generous. Plus, he was my first personal copywriting mentor and a good friend of over 15 years. 

Rebecca Matter | AWAI

President of AWAI and one of the fastest rising stars in the persuasion and online marketing space. Rebecca is a devoted wife, mother and business mentor. She is loyal, dear friend and you’re lucky to hear her unique and powerful insights. 

Aleric Heck | Youtube

In the span of just a few years, Aleric has totally disrupted the YouTube advertising and marketing world. He has over 420,000 subscribers and 85 million + views on his YouTube channels. 

Joe Soto | Marketing Agency

The world’s leading mentor of digital marketing agencies. Joe has helped thousands of digital marketing agencies master their own marketing and created tens of millions of dollars in growth. Joe and his wife, Lenee have 8 children… a respectable number, I suppose… LOL

Niyc Pidgeon | Success Coach

As “Most Outstanding Positive Psychologist 2018” MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA, Award Winning Best-Selling Hay House Author “Now Is Your Chance”, International Speaker, and Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC, Niyc has more than a decade of experience in helping women create massive breakthroughs and lasting positive change in life and business.

Jim Sheils | Entrepreneur Leader

Jim is dedicated to fixing the epidemic of entrepreneurs with broken homes, by teaching entrepreneurs how to reconnect with their spouse and children, and hold that connection forever. When YPO, EO, Harvard University and other world-class organizations want to help their people to succeed at home, they call on Jim Sheils.

Todd Brown | Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Todd Brown is the expert other experts go to when they need help with their own business. With clients in over 33 different countries, operating in over 65 different mass and niche markets, it’s been said that Todd has helped his students engineer more six and seven-figure funnels than any other expert online today.

Rick Sapio | Entrepreneur

Rick Sapio is a life-long entrepreneur who started his first company when he was 13 years old, after the untimely death of his father. Since then, he has founded more than 20 companies. Rick resides in Dallas with his wife, Melissa, and their four children.

Brian Kurtz | Direct Response Marketer

Under Brian's marketing leadership companies have sold millions of subscriptions and tens of millions of consumer, health and business-related books. His mission for the next 35 years (as the Founder of "Titans Marketing LLC"), is to be the bridge between the eternal truths of direct response marketing and all that is considered state-of-the-art direct response marketing today.

Rich Schefren | Business Strategy

Rich is widely recognized as an Internet marketing pioneer and one of the world's top experts on online business strategy, who's: Coached the world's top online business gurus. Increased clients' revenues by BILLIONS of dollars. Grew 3 of his businesses to 7-figures a year.

Mel Abraham | Thought Leader Coach

Mel is one the most sought-after financial experts, entrepreneurial mentor and strategic thinkers of our time.  Mel’s most recent focus is working with speakers, authors, trainers, consultants, coaches, advisors and people with a message become powerful communicators, influential thought leaders and build a business with high impact and high income. He has been called the “thought leader to thought leaders”

Rha Goddess | Entrepreneurial Coach

Rha Goddess is THE entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries, and social entrepreneurs. Her mission? To revolutionize the way we live, work, play and do business.

And more to come!

Here's to everyone joining us soon!

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As Brendon Burchard says… “Live launches are HOT. Challenges are HOT. Boring is not.”


Get optimized and outproduce your competition. 


Get others to comply with you… even when they totally disagree with your approach.


Connect and build rapport with powerful and influential people.


Make peace with yourself and others in your life. 

You’re Invited to Discover


December 29 - 30, 2020 | 9:00am - 4:00pm Central


Hosted by Joshua Boswell and featuring Jon & Missy Butcher, Perry Marshall, Craig Ballantyne, Mark Ford, Bob Bly, Tatiana Arias, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders of our time. 

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